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The Yagna is amazing experience that we can attain in life. It gives us the ability to cloister our senses so that we want nothing more than to sing and chant to the Divine Mother Goddess and worship her throughout the day and night.

Yagna is a special type of Puja Ritual that originated form India. By means of the yagna performances, the specially trained Vedic pandits enhance the positive effects of life of people or for a group of peoples, and release or dissolve the negative effects. 

Veda means knowledge, Vedic means relate with Veda, viz. relate with the truth concerning the true nature of life. If a person realizes the true nature of life, can function perfectly according to natural laws. In this way, all the aspects of life will be spontaneously harmonious. Vedic pandits means, people who live according to the rules of the Vedic tradition. 

With the yagna performances achieved by Vedic pandits, everybody can create harmony in all the aspects of his (her) life. Harmony in the individual life is the base of the harmony of a nation. The main aspects of life are spiritual, mental, and physical. We divided these aspects to many subdivisions like work and business, property and money, love and relations, education, members of the family, etc... To be easier to chose out the required service. 

You can choose amongst “A”, “B” or “C” yagna categories. The differences amongst “A”, “B” and “C” categories are in numbers of repeating Mantras. There are many types of Vedic Mantras, some are small some are long. A pandit can chant a mantra in about 5-6 minutes. If a pandit sit for 6 hrs then he will chant near about 6480 times, speed can vary depending on pandits. The counting of above mantra is applicable mostly for planetary and Maha mritunjay yagna. For example in the case of a Surya planetary yagna 7000+10%, more Vedic mantra recommended. If pandits chant full, it is an “A” category. If we reduce mantras and chant 65%, it will be a “B” category yagna. “B” category means medium budget yagna and “C” category means low budget yagna, so their effects will be less than “A” category. We add pandits according to type and categories of yagnas, usually we add minimum 5-7 pandits. 

Yagna duration can be one day or more days, week, month etc. It depends on yagna intention, wish, and yagna category (quantities of Vedic Mantra). Pt. Umesh decides duration and suggested yagna category after examine one’s Jyotish chart.


The effect of a yagna varies from person to person it depends on their Karma and planetary dasha effects (especially in remedial case). If the person's Karma and Planetary influences will be good then yagna works for a long time. If the person's Karma goes, wrong way or planetary period comes adverse then you need to repeat yagya time by time. That is why we prefer suggesting planetary yagnas first. 

The effects of a strong yagya lasts maximum one year. In Kaluga, our Karma is not so pure therefore; the effects of yagnas are no longer, so we need repeated yagnas every year. In addition, if our adverse planetary period starts during the year then our earlier performed yagna’s effect will reduce. Therefore, we recommend yagnas at the change of planet dasha and transits. Important factors for getting long-term yagnas effects:


1. Yagnas performed adeptly under due disciplines are more significant.

2. Your faith is very important

3. Follow yagya rules during the yagya

4. Selection of powerful yagya (“A” “B” “C”, category)

5. Selection of good muhurat to start yagya

6. Choosing right yagya for right wish/purpose


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